I Gained 500+ Followers From Just 1 Tweet: Apparently, My Message Mattered

August 1, 2022

On October 20th, 2021, something crazy happened.

I posted a random tweet after not tweeting for two months and went to bed early.

My tweet from Oct 20 that went viral

The next day I woke up, ate breakfast, worked in my new job for four hours and watered my dying orchid — completely oblivious to the fact my tweet had gone viral.

At 1:47 pm, I decided to open Twitter and my jaw hit the floor.

My off-the-cuff tweet had earned roughly 600 likes, 70 retweets, 50 replies. And I’d gone from around 1,100 followers to over 1,300 followers.

I had to scroll for almost a minute to get to the bottom of all the new notifications.

GIF of person scrolling fast on phone

And that was just the beginning.

Three days later as I write this blog post, my tweet has:

261,264 impressions, 2,493 likes, 204 retweets and 141 replies.

Screenshot of analytics of my Oct 20 viral tweet

I genuinely thought my tiny announcement would get lost in the Twittersphere and not many people would care. I had no idea how badly the world needed to hear my message.

I ended up striking a chord that just doesn’t get played enough, which is this:

Returning to a corporate job after being an entrepreneur is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it should be celebrated and normalized.

It’s not failure. It’s not “giving up.”

It’s a smart and strategic decision. One that could save someone's mental health and happiness.

Sadly, this side of the narrative isn’t fully supported yet out there as shown by the desperate encouragement in many of the responses to my tweet:

Screenshot of tweet reply from @BMahimna
Screenshot of tweet reply from @AprilynneA
Screenshot of tweet reply from @mjwhansen
Screenshot of tweet response from @notlordkrishna
Screenshot of tweet reply from @theonechrisyep

Thank you to each and every person who gave their support in this tweetstorm. You each played a role in helping us normalize returning to the corporate world after burning out and “failing” as an entrepreneur.

To all the:

  • "Failed" entrepreneurs back in corporate jobs
  • Struggling entrepreneurs unsure of whether to go back to a corporate job
  • Recovering entrepreneurs who feel ashamed for "failing"

We see you. You are respected and admired. So, come out, come out, wherever you are and help us normalize this narrative.

I’ll end this blog post with a few recovering entrepreneurs who shared their stories in this tweetstorm in hopes of encouraging more of you to come out into the light.

Screenshot of retweet from recovering entrepreneur @bar5hop

Screenshot of tweet reply from recovering entrepreneur @Kennedy_writes
Screenshot of tweet reply from recovering entrepreneur @Javierviajero

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