My 7 Best Resources For Validating Product Ideas as an Entrepreneur

August 1, 2022

1. How To Get The Most Out Of Customer Interviews [Article]

An article I wrote about how to conduct effective customer interviews and validate (or invalidate) your product idea quickly. I explain the value of behavioural interviews and what types of questions to ask to get objective customer feedback.

2. The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick [Book]

A short and extremely actionable book about how to properly structure customer interviews. Fitzpatrick’s premise is that if you directly talk about your product idea, people will tell you they love it because they feel bad to tell you the truth.

3. Comprehensive list of 'Smoke Test' techniques [Spreadsheet]

A list of 12 techniques for validating product ideas based on the type of product, the effort and cost involved, and validation strength. The list was put together by Sam Dickie who has worked with many startups to validate their product ideas with an accelerated MVP.

4. How I Tested My First Product Idea As An Early Entrepreneur [Article]

A detailed account of how I tested my first ever product idea as an early entrepreneur in April 2020. I include screenshots of my landing page and minimum viable product (MVP), and exactly how I invalidated the idea in a few weeks.

5. Idea to Paying Customers in 7 Weeks: How We Did It [Article]

A short post about how the co-founders of Buffer validated the idea behind the product in just seven weeks using a landing page experiment.

6. ​​How I validated my idea for Kettle & Fire [Article]

A detailed account of how Justin Mares validated his idea for Kettle & Fire, a bone broth company, using a very basic landing page experiment.

7. ​​The Real Startup Book by Kromatic [eBook]

A large, crowdsourced compilation of experiments to run to validate your product idea from lean practitioners across the world, put together by Kromatic. It’s free to download after entering your email.

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