When I left corporate in Feb 2020, I had no identity. I felt like a nobody.

GIF of someone asking "who?"

I thought people who posted on LinkedIn and gave talks at conferences were "special" people with "special" skills.

But I started publishing my transparent thoughts and experiences anyway to see if anyone would care about what I had to say. And to fight my imposter syndrome.

Turns out people really resonated with my transparency, my style of writing and my desire to make it as a solopreneur.

16 months later, I ended up building a transparent #personalbrand.

GIF of Rachel saying "ta-da"

And now my personal brand helps me attract clients and opportunities instead of chase after them.

In June 2021, people started approaching me for help with their personal brand.

So I decided to use everything I know about personal branding, social media marketing, networking and content creation to come up with a 6-week personal branding program.

I'm currently co-creating the program with my early clients and will continue to add more information about the program on this page.

Interested in learning about my 6-week personal branding program? Book a 15min call with me.

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Lena Sesardic
Personal Brand Coach + Freelance Writer