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Lead Magnet LinkedIn Presence ✨

Build an inbound pipeline of your dream clients using LinkedIn

Are you a service-based business owner who wants to add LinkedIn as a revenue source for your business without spending hooooours prospecting?

You've 1000% landed in the right place.


Attention service business owners who want to attract their dream clients on LinkedIn


You dream of waking up to multiple inbound requests on LinkedIn from ideal clients who can’t wait to work with you


You don’t want to rely on cold outreach on LinkedIn or email to land good-fit clients for your service-based online business


You want to feel confident that your LinkedIn profile strategically positions you as the true expert you are

There's just one problem...

Consistently getting clients on LinkedIn is tougher than you thought.

  • You're expanding your LinkedIn network and having fruitful conversations but not getting enough clients.
  • You're finding yourself waiting to begin actively prospecting on LinkedIn until you get your LinkedIn profile into better shape (soon, hopefully!)
  • You're relying on LinkedIn SEO to get approached by your ideal clients but it's not allowing you to regularly fill your capacity.
  • You're having to resort to cold outreach on LinkedIn (knocking on closed doors, basically) but it's not bringing you results.
  • You're posting your own content on LinkedIn a few times a week but it's not converting as many clients as you’d like.

I promise you don't need to spend more time on LinkedIn to increase your revenue.

(What you've been doing on LinkedIn won't get you to where you need to be.)

What you need is a sustainable + scalable LinkedIn profile strategy.

(The Lead Magnet LinkedIn Presence ✨ gives you just that.)

Let's peek into the future where you'll...

  • Get your LinkedIn profile into ship shape in a matter of weeks, not months without spending any time doing it yourself! 🙌
  • Know that your LinkedIn profile strategy will get you clients, pre-qualified and ready to work with you. ✅
  • Feel confident that your LinkedIn profile resonates with your dream clients and spurs them into buyer action (no more LinkedIn shame! 😇)
  • Have more time and flexibility to grow your business or have more free time to do whatever you want! ⭐️

"I worked with Lena around growing my Linkedin presence and finding a stronger tone of voice. Lena gave me so much advice around improving my bio, copy and approach to creating content on Linkedin. Since working with her my following has grown from around 4,000 to 8,400 on Linkedin and my engagement is usually on average 100 - 200 likes (plus comments and shares) whilst before it was around 10-30 likes."

Daphne Tideman, Growth Coach

Lead Magnet LinkedIn Presence ✨

Investment USD$1,950


A done-for-you boutique experience where I rebuild your LinkedIn presence in 30 days so you can book more clients on LinkedIn!

Here's what's waiting for your inside...

Step 1

Extract your winning story

First, you'll complete a Personal Positioning Questionnaire. It's got 6-8 questions handpicked for you and designed to tease out what sets you apart from the masses.

Then we go into a Personal Positioning Workshop (60min) where we'll define your LinkedIn profile strategy to call in your ideal clients.

Step 2

Rebuild your LinkedIn presence

Sit back and relax while I build your new Lead Magnet LinkedIn Presence. ✨

I'll put on my John Lennon reading glasses and transform your new LinkedIn profile strategy into fresh copy and attention-grabbing visual designs (e.g. LinkedIn banner, profile picture) that speak directly to your ideal clients.

Step 3

Step into your Lead Magnet LinkedIn Presence ✨

Jump on a Post-profile Q&A meeting (45min) with me to take a benchmark of your current LinkedIn profile metrics and answer any questions about deploying your new profile.

I'll also walk you through a simple 30-day LinkedIn routine you'll follow to ensure you’re engaging on LinkedIn effectively and not wasting your time.

Step 4

Check-in on your success in 30 days

I do a 30-day check-in with all my Lead Magnet LinkedIn Presence ✨ clients to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of your new LinkedIn presence.
  • Compare your latest profile metrics against the benchmark we took.
  • Make additional tweaks and recommendations to boost the performance of your LinkedIn presence.

This is definitely for you if:

  • You have an existing service business that’s mainly referral-based and you want to add LinkedIn as an additional revenue source for your business.
  • You’re willing and able to invest time to engage on LinkedIn to get the best results.
  • You recognize that your LinkedIn profile is a sales funnel and what matters is that it works, not how much you love it.

This is not for you if:

  • You're looking for a new job right now and want to get noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn (this program is exclusively for service business owners.)
  • You want to write your own LinkedIn profile because you're "a good writer" (warning: optimizing a LinkedIn profile is a different ballgame.)
  • You see your LinkedIn profile as a "set it and forget it" thing.

Michelle Haslam, TikTok Coach

"I just want to say I’ve just gone through your feedback and want to thank you so so much. I’ve been audited once or twice before but they’ve come up with completely different things to what you had mentioned.

Some of the things you said have massively clarified my niche. Like the fact my niche may be business owners who are 40+ and on TikTok. Amazing!"

Laura achieved other amazing result:

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Ready to build an inbound client pipeline on LinkedIn?

USD $1,950

2 payments of

USD $1,200

  • Pay 50% upfront during onboarding and 50% at completion

And there is more!

When you enroll, you'll also get these awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1

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Meet your brand strategist

Hi, I'm Lena ("Len-nah")

I help service-based business owners uncover what sets them apart from the masses and position themselves on LinkedIn so they can build an inbound pipeline of dream clients.

Here's why I'm your person:

  • I scour LinkedIn on a weekly basis, hunting down good and bad profiles.
  • I know what’s working right now on LinkedIn and how to adapt it to you & your business.
  • Dozens of business owners have approached me to better position them on LinkedIn so they can sell more with confidence.

Plus, I'm not one of those LinkedIn "influencers" with 50k followers who just know how to go viral but can't even sell bottled water in a desert.


Oh, and I have a special skill...

I was a product manager for 5 years and tested 6 product ideas of my own as an entrepreneur in 2020. I know how to run lean MVP experiments and iterate quickly to find what works.

A LinkedIn profile is no different — it's a product that you need to test, gather feedback for, and iterate.

This kind of rapid experimentation is how I’ve landed on LinkedIn headlines, About sections and banners that have helped me stand out on LinkedIn and get clients who are red-hot to buy.

You've got this.

Here's your path to consistently booking more clients on LinkedIn


Apply for Lead Magnet LinkedIn Presence ✨

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Show up, ready to take on my recommendations

You may not fall in love with your new LinkedIn profile and marry it, but it's going to drive real results.


Get ideal clients knocking on YOUR door instead 😏

Goodbye awkward DMs and cold outreach sequences, hello inbox of warm fuzzy qualified inbound client requests.


Our money-back guarantee

Try our program for 30 days, risk-free

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Gabriel Lindh, SEO & Design Agency Owner

"Lena helped me optimize my Linkedin profile by giving me feedback about what I could do to increase leads for my business and have a clearer profile. For example, what I could do to have a better banner, profile picture, and headline, but also make my about section more interesting and fun to read. The value she provided was great and really useful in improving my profile. Highly recommended!"

You didn't start this business to spend all your time prospecting. Let's get your ideal clients coming to YOU!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk, my friend

The time to elevate your LinkedIn presence is now. Here’s why:

It’s the start of 2023, and everyday you spend not clearly communicating your offer to your ideal client is lost revenue for your business. 📉

The people you live to serve are out there, waiting for you.

You just need a LinkedIn profile strategy that will reel them in (and have them wondering where you’ve been all their life!)


Louise achieved other amazing result:

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Ready to attract your dream clients on LinkedIn? This is your investment:

USD $1,950

2 payments of

USD $1,200

  • Pay 50% upfront during onboarding and 50% at completion

Apply for Lead Magnet LinkedIn Presence✨here!

I vet all applications individually to make sure the program is a good fit for you before reaching out for a call.