Build stuff that solves your own problems [podcast]

Why I thought Canada was a land of goats before I moved here, my first job in tech, the growing pains of building a personal brand and how terrifying putting yourself out there as an entrepreneur feels.

6 leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in the e@ubc ecosystem [article]

I'm humbled to be included in the list of 6 leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in the entrepreneurship@ubc ecosystem.

Building Self-branding Through LinkedIn [podcast]

We talk about the importance of personal branding, why I chose LinkedIn as one of my main channels and what it's like building a personal brand from scratch.

Lean Experiments with Lean Expectations [talk]

I gave a talk about how to build the right products faster by running lean experiments, showcasing four types of lean experiments with five real-life examples.

The Many Paths to Product Management [podcast]

We talk about how the fact that there's no clear path to product management is not necessarily an obstacle but an opportunity. It's about equifinality, which means the same result can be achieved by different means and journeys.

SaraNoSocks [podcast]

This episode is an honest discussion about what's it was like to leave the corporate world, the emotional side of the entrepreneurial rollercoaster, dealing with failure as an entrepreneur and lessons learned that make us stronger. Check out an audio snippet of the podcast here.

How to Break Into Product Management [talk]

A talk for HelloMeets about how to break into product management based on insights from my book, The Making of Product Managers.

Bruno Talks With [podcast]

We talk about how I wrote and self-published my book, The Making of Product Managers, what it's like to be a product manager and my journey as an entrepreneur.

Product Manager Speaker Panel [panel discussion]

A speaker panel organized by the UBC Product Management Club.

Building an Indie Business [podcast]

We talk about how I sourced interviewees for my book, The Making of Product Managers, and my process for writing the book.

The Making of Product Managers [talk]

I gave a presentation for the PMDojo product accelerator about how I became a product manager, some sample stories from my book, The Making of Product Managers, and insights into breaking into product management.

How to do Product Innovation [talk]

I gave a talk at Product Camp Vancouver 2020 about how to do product innovation based on my experience running an innovation lab as a product manager.

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Lena Sesardic
product manager, content creator, speaker