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LinkedIn Baddie Primer 

The self-paced version of the LinkedIn Baddie Program with pre-recorded lessons and downloadable resources. Upgrade to 48hrs of Voxer coaching for additional support.

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A 30-day guerilla-style sprint to help you inject momentum into your selling activities on LinkedIn and land those consistent high-calibre clients on LinkedIn. 


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1:1 Private Coaching

Your high-proximity 3- to 6-month container with me where we work closely together to help you reach your goals on LinkedIn.


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LinkedIn Baddie Program

A 3-week GROUP SPRINT where I'll help you get confident AF on LinkedIn and start building your own tight-knit community of high-paying clients (& genuine connections) on LinkedIn.


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A 30-Day Linkedin coaching that includes the following:

- 2x 60min coaching calls

- Slack channel Access

- Continuous messaging contact

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IG Girlie to LinkedIn Baddie Program 

A 2-week GROUP SPRINT where I'll help you get confident AF on LinkedIn and start building your own tight-knit community of high-paying clients (& genuine connections) on LinkedIn


Bespoke videos for your brand

Want to raise brand awareness by leveraging an honest & authentic influencer with an engaged following? I can help you create short-form videos that deliver on your objectives.

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TikTok: @contently_lena

I create fun & engaging videos on TikTok to help you grow your LinkedIn presence!

I'm known for my creative & casual approach to LinkedIn and regularly inspire my audience of 43k+ followers!


"You helped me achieve this amazing result. I wouldn't be here without your course."

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89.72% of LinkedIn profiles suck. They look like resumes from the 90s and don't position the humans behind them as the true experts they are. Grab your LinkedIn Profile Scorecard to get your profile into ship shape.

Hey, I'm Lena. It's like Jenna with an "L".

I'm originally Croatian but I grew up in Japan and Hong Kong. I'm obsessed with branding, content & sales on social media.

I've been selling on LinkedIn since February 2020 and am building a movement around the casual and authentic side of LinkedIn.

I work with bold service-based business owners to help them stand out on LinkedIn and sign dream-fit clients using authentic content that nurtures & sells 24/7.

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